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ChildLife Network International is a London-based Charity that currently works in Uganda, Africa and is developing local integration programs for Canadian youth. Known worldwide as CNI, ChildLife Network International reaches out to children, youth, parents and teachers with programs that promote self-esteem, self-awareness and action related activities that enhance employability and autonomy. Our exclusive copyrighted and published CNI education programs provide guidance and direction for learners using integrity-based conceptual frameworks that have achieved impressive results in measured student and teacher performance, both academically and motivationally.


2018 - One Exclusive Night

This exclusive evening, by invite only gave guests a luxury experience with round trip chauffeur service to "The Alcove” showcasing 5 stunning homes. Each home featured a different country paired with wine and interactive food stations consisting of over 900 food items. Guests got to indulge in delicious food, enjoyable conversations and build their network as they made their way from country to country all in support of a great cause!

  • Proceed Raised: $100,000

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